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24 Month

512 KBPS N/D

₹ 12,500
1 Router

up to 10 MBPS

480 GB
Only Yearly
Starts at
₹ 6000

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IP Fiber offers a great range of Broadband and Voice services to suit individuals and business.

About Us
  • IP FIBER INFRA PVT.LTD incorporated by team of young technocrats, as an Internet Solution Provider our main focus is in providing Internet connectivity and developing customized Internet solutions for companies and organizations; incorporating cost effective Internet technologies to help companies gain a competitive edge in both local and global markets.
  • IP FIBER INFRA PVT.LTD, a leading Internet service provider, has evolved into a full-range Internet and business solutions provider.
  • We believe in looking towards the future with great visions and endless inventions in developing technologies, products and services to suit our customers' needs both today and in the future to live up to the company's motto - "Always Ahead".
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